Spicy Shelf in Pakistan

Spicy Shelf in Pakistan
Hot on the rack stackable coordinator Telebrand effortlessly extends and contracts to fit into any Telebrand in Pakistan private Stackable.Organize flavors, pharmaceuticals, thus significantly more with Spicy valuable rack stackable. Customizable so it can fit into any bureau, and that even incorporates an organized legs remain solitary on the off chance that you need to must be all alone.
administration or nook.Ideal to spare your kitchen or lavatory, and the association neat.Free term legs View included.Adjustable

Highlights: Telebrand Shopping in Pakistan 

Fiery rack

Sort out flavors and a great deal more

Holds up to 64 flavors

Simple to introduce

No instruments required Online Shopping in Pakistan Payment on Delivery

Utilize the unattached legs OR you're existing rack pins

For: Spices, Medicines, Supplements, Cosmetics and Crafts

Material: Plastic

Spicy Shelf in Pakistan

Price:  1999/- PKR


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