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Magic Pan In Pakistan

Magic Pan In Pakistan
Enchantment dish twofold silde Amazing items Cash on Delivery Free Home Delivery Buy kitchen dish on the web, most ideal situation cost from Telebrand Cook low calorie sound sustenance by including this twofold sided enchantment skillet in your kitchen machines. The kick the pail cast container is furnished with stainless steel handle with bakelite handle and German non-stick covering. The utilitarian weight magnets advance weight inside the dish, the silicon squeezing prevents smoke and notice, the connector and self fastening pin interfaces the upper and the lower container and the outside oil beneficiary assembles purged slick oil out of the upper skillet in the midst of cooking. The weight exit energizes dispersal. You can cook from both the sides of the dish. The oil trap limit Telebrand Shopping in Pakistan holds the oil in the container while cooking so that the cooktop stays impeccable and clean. The glow got inside the container saves essentialness and ensures brisk cooking. The non-stick covering guarantees that the sustenance does not hold fast to the base. This skillet makes cooking food genuinely straightforward as flipping the sustenance thing is excessive, you can basically turn the container to the following side and watch it cook. Available on cash down alternative.Magic Pan In Pakistan

Points of interest – Double Side Magic Pan


Gathering Magic Pan

Sort Frying Pan

Frying pan Details

Shading Red/Blue/Green

Non-stick Yes Magic Pan In Pakistan

Container Diameter 28 cm dish excepting handle

Handle Material Stainless Steel Handle With Bakelite Grip

Covering German non stick covering

Care Instructions Magic Pan In Pakistan

Development: Functional Pressure Magnets propelling weight inside the pan,Handle Ergonomically designed,stainless steel handle with bakelite grip,Coating German non stick coating,Die cast PanSpecial highlights Silicon Packing: Prevents smoke and smell to the maximum.Connector and Safety Pin: Connects upper container and lower pan.Oil Drain Receiver: External oil beneficiary accumulates discharged sleek oil out of the upper skillet in the midst of cooking.Pressure Exit: There is an exhausting opening to energize scattering.

Twofold Sided: Helps in cooking from both sides.Oil Trap Function: Oil trap limit holds the oil to stay in the skillet while cooking, in this way while cooking your cook-top stays clean and neat.Heat Trapping: Heat got inside the dish saves imperativeness by ensuring speedier cooking.Silicon Lining: The covering Telebrand in Pakistan  helps in getting the glow, oil and weight which helps in better cooking.German advancement Non stick Coating: This covering helps in giving an unrivaled cooking learning, the sustenance does not stick to base.

Pack Contents

1 Pc Magic Pan

1 Pc extra silicon versatile

Ensure Magic Pan In Pakistan

6 Months against gathering deformations

Imported breathtaking covering headway

Twofold sided skillet, Telebrand Pakistan

Material: Die-cast Aluminum

Non-stick skillet with breathtaking covering


Outside covering: High temperature safe breathtaking covering, Telebrand in Pakistan

Charm Feature: Marble impact vanishes after the temperature performs 90 degree or above and recoups when temperatures falls underneath 90 Degree


2 Bakelite handles with stainless steel holder


Magnet between Online Shopping in Pakistan Payment on Delivery handles make them fit well, Telebrand items in Pakistan

Silicon covering pressing

barbecue dish cost in pakistan

Outer oil power gathers depleted oil

Enchantment skillet cost in pakistan

Weight exits through oil depleting opening

Enchantment skillet online in pakistan

Size: 42 x 28 x 7 cm

Weight : 1.445 kg, Telebrand shopping Pakistan

Purchase Magic skillet in pakistan


Magic Pan In Pakistan


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