Monday, August 8, 2016

Infrared Foot Massager in Pakistan

Infrared Foot Massager in Pakistan
Brief Introduction of 220V moving Infrared Foan Foot physical advisor with Heat Telebrand

Instruction:This Product may well be a treatment, attractive therapeutic guide, vibration knead at A natural entire, Telebrand Pakistan have a vibration rub at A natural entire, have the vibration force of limitlessly variable velocity perform of late item, is that the best foot care consultants.Often rush back rub sole reflection house,promote the new supersedes the previous,Telebrand shopping in Pakistan the dissemination of the blood,alleviate neuropathic pain,eliminate muscle fatigue,regulating ki and nutritious blood,be loaded with go,adust the inward organs perform,enhance resistance perform,can accomplish the effect of heath care.Features – The soles of the feet of vast region vibration moxibustion, from the fingers till the curve. Telebrand Products in Pakistan – Vibration power Wuji speed, adjustable.Telebrand – Vibration parts of the surface jutting granular invigorate sole radiation zone, actuating pledges. – once exploitation vibration, physiological state is additionally three for one, and ought to be utilized alone, optional decision. – The roller vogue each intelligent locale back rub to empower the soles of the feet circular. – Far-infrared warmth perform to expand resistance and enhance digestion system and blood dissemination. Telebrand in Pakistan – introduce with the stepless velocity controller, clear to figure, administration and direct from solid to frail, the entire body ar incredibly casual. Online Shopping in Pakistan Payment on Delivery SpecificationsRated VoltageAC a consolidate of00VFrequency50HzInput Tatal Power3WAmplitude+/ - two.0mmVibration Power16-22WVibration Frequency100-5000 Times/minDimension34 x twenty eight x half-dozen.5cm/13.38″ x 11.02″ x 2.56″Weight1490g/fifty 2.56oz Package Includes. Telebrand in Pakistan – one x moving and Infrared Foan Foot advisor with Heat Telebrand

Infrared Foot Massager in Pakistan


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