18 Pieces Handheld Pedi Mate in pakistan

18 Pieces Handheld Pedi Mate in pakistan
18 Pieces Handheld Pedi Mate in pakistan

Pedi Mate in pakistan Enjoy learned requiring pedicure within the security you could call your own particular home!

Shapes, shapes and sparkles toenails quickly and safely, removes dry skin and back rubs tired,Pedi Mate in pakistan over worked feet. Telebrand

The Ultimate Foot File Telebrand

Pedi Mate in pakistan Gently Removes Callous, Dry Skin

For smooth stunning Feet. Telebrand Shopping in Pakistan

Ergonomic style

Complete eighteen Piece Set Pedi Mate in pakistan Telebrand in Pakistan 

The Pedi-Mate egg encircled pedicure realize has 138 exactness microfiles that take away the calluses and dead skin from your feet, running without end you with smooth skin. Pedi Mate in pakistan better of all, Online Shopping in Pakistan Payment on Delivery the Pedi-Mate is extraordinarily made to gather most of the shavings permitting you to use Pedi-Mate practically wherever with no destruction. Telebrand in Pakistan

18 Pieces Handheld Pedi Mate in pakistan

د.إ 2,899.00
د.إ 2,400.00


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