Get In Shape Look Slim Garment for Women Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Get In Shape Look Slim Garment for Women Buy 1 Get 1 Free
This is a dynamic clothing that slenderizes and shapes your figure from underneath the bust line theTelebrand Pakistan
separation to just over your knees. It firms and shapes your midsection, tummy sides, back, derriere, hips, thighs and upper legs to change your figure to give minute trim, structure, shape makes you look 10 or 20 pounds more thin.

Created utilizing super pleasing wear littler scale fiber bit of apparel with the desire of complimentary breathing that shapes your figure and advances a valiant exertion. It is definitely not hard to put on, easy to wear, doesn't ride up or down when worn. It's more breathable and reasonable than some other time in late memory. Telebrand in Pakistan


Levels tummy Slims down thighs Lifts butt Material: Cotton(54%),Nylon(23%) and Spandex(23%) Color: Telebrand Shopping in Pakistan Skin Color Instantly look 10 or 20 pounds more slender! Telebrand items in Pakistan Fits from beneath the bust line to over the knee line Transform your figure and wear what you need Made up of NEW free breathing simple to wear smaller scale fiber fabric Cotton gusset keeps you dry and agreeable Makes you look and feel like another lady Figure molding control pants, Telebrand shopping Pakistan Available Sizes: L-XL (34-38 inch), XXL-XXXL(40-46 inch)

Bundle Contents:

2 Pcs. Online Shopping in Pakistan Payment on Delivery Get In Shape Look Slim Garment for Women telebrand

Get In Shape Look Slim Garment for Women Buy 1 Get 1 Free



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